The Lift Project

Premiere: 2007, Seattle

The Lift Project was a one-on-one dance experiment in Seattle’s Pike Place Market. Over the course of a month in 2007, Lingo company members approached individuals and asked to give them a lift or push up the hill to 1st Avenue.

The project was funded by the Artist Trust GAP grant and 4culture site specific projects.

Parts of the score:

“Have you ever been pushed up a hill?”
“Wouldn’t it be great if a gentle wind suddenly came and lofted us up the hill?”
“Do you want to be pushed up the hill?”

What if the world is constantly more magical than we give it credit for?

The hill is a metaphor for a quest – an odyssey – approaching the pinnacle

Hurtles to getting people to engage – we won’t steal your stuff – we won’t take your time – we won’t ask you for money – we won’t hurt you.

When is the last time you really trusted a stranger?

How do we convey that we are sturdy and you can give your weight to us?