One to One Solos

Premiere: 2010, Seattle

In 2010, 30 people were chosen to receive a custom made solo from a Lingo company member.

They all filled out a questionnaire designed to find out who they are: Driver or passenger? Sweet or savory? What items are currently in your pocket? What is the last thing you lost? What is a Seattle location you love?

Company members Bianca Cabrera, Ricki Mason, Kelly Sullivan, Michael Rioux, Aaron Swartzman and Kate Wallich used the answers to tailor make a performance for each person to watch. The dances were personal but performed in public locations throughout the city, available for any and all to see.

The origins of the one-to-one solo project come from Seattle/NY based choreographers Beth Graczyk, Alia Swersky and Amii LeGendre.