KT designed and built 10 degrees, an intimate art + event venue in the heart of Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood in 2011. 10 degrees supports the philanthropic artistic mission of the space through private event rentals. The synergy between event rentals and artist residencies creates a financially stable arts center in one of Seattle’s most competitive real estate markets.

As an arts space, 10 degrees provides periodic residencies for performance artists. To date, 10 degrees has supported the creation of over 30 local and inter/national artists. Past and current artists can be found here.

KT created 10 degrees as a way to re-imagine the relationship between artists and their often pressurized relationship to rehearsal space. “When I engage with an artist in residence I ask we dispel with proposals, project descriptions, tightly scheduled timelines and deadlines.”

“I want the artists working with 10 degrees to have space in both physical and metaphorical sense.”

Location: 1312 East Union Street, 98122. 10 degrees is in the heart of Capitol Hill on 14th and Union, next to Oola Distillery