Tip of the Tongue

Premiere: February 2013, Seattle

KT collaborated with chef Tyler Moritz (creator of La Bête restaurant), musician Ivory Smith, movement artists Molly Sides, Markeith Wiley, Jul Kostelanick, Sean Tomerlin, Emily Sferra and Sarah Lustbader and the owner of OOLA Distillery, Kirby Kallas-Lewis, to create Tip of the Tongue – a dinner of  exquisite bites, luscious liquids and fancifully guided encounters.

20 guests attended the evening, hosted at the exquisite home of Richard Hesik and Barbara Johns. Designed by renowned architect Tom Kundig, the home is sited on an iconic Northwest waterfront setting in West Seattle. Guests were served a dinner and an experience that honed their senses and focused their apertures on composed arrangements of tastes, sounds, smells and visual experiences.