Premiere: 2007, Seattle

Inhabit was Lingo’s first non-proscenium work and was designed for an audience of 50-100. The audience became guests and the dancers givers in a part party, part performance event lasting just under two hours. Lingo performers hosted the evening, greeting their guests as they arrived, offering a glass of wine and a tour of the space, ushering them from the debris of their day into the present.

Throughout the evening guests watched from any vantage point they choose while the dancers intertwined amongst them, easily slipping between their social and performer selves.

There was snacking, toasting, chatting and hosting in this part party, part dance.

Offered as a risk and a gift, Inhabit was a social art-feast.

Performance History
May 2007 – Premiere – Capitol Hill Art Center (CHAC) – Seattle WA
October 2007 – Reed College – Portland OR
October 2007 – Conduit – Portland OR
January 2008 – Joyce SoHo – NYC
March 2008 – Cleveland Public Theatre – Cleveland OH
April 2008 – Oberlin College – Oberlin OH
April 2008 – Kenyon College – Kenyon OH
September 2008 – Alfred College – Alfred NY
March 2009 – Alverno Presents – Milwaukee WI

CHAC, Art Patch, Bossak/Heilbron Foundation, Seattle Office of Arts and Culture and 4culture. Residencies with Hallie Kuperman / Century Ballroom and Café, The Maggie Allesee National Center for Choreography (MANCC) and Oberlin College.

Original Cast Members
Bianca Cabrera, Dustin Haug, KT Niehoff, Aaron Swartzman

Secondary Cast
Bianca Cabrera, Oscar Gutierrez, Jessica Jobaris, KT Niehoff, Aaron Swartzman

Sarah Murat – music, L.B. Morse – Light,
Ilvs Strauss – all things needed on tour