Parts Don’t Work

Premiere: 2011, Seattle.

Parts Don’t Work is Lingo’s first short dance film, completed in 2011. Starring Bianca Cabrera, Alison Cockrill, Lara Paxton and Lisa Marlene Thompson, the story follows our heroine as she grapples with her outsider status to a go-go booted, lipstick slinging Girl Gang. The 6.5 minute film was shot on location in the now defunct Fun Forest Amusement Park, directly under Seattle’s iconic Space Needle.

In 2011, Parts Don’t Work received a GAP grant from Artist Trust. The film was screened at the San Francisco Dance Film Festival and Velocity Dance Center’s Next Dance Cinema.

KT Niehoff is the choreographer, director, producer and co-editor. Benjamin Kasulke is the Director of Photography and Line Producer. Christian Hansen is the 2nd D.P. and co-editor. Mychal Cohen of Goodweather Studios is sound designer and Eric Beach created the original score.