Before We Flew Like Birds We Flew Like Clouds

In March, 2017 KT completed her newest immersive performance titled Before We Flew Like Birds, We Flew Like Clouds, using live dance, music, an installation of floating star-like objects hovering at neutral buoyancy, an interactive audience environment and Virtual Reality Video. The show was based on four individuals with extraordinary relationships to their bodies–Soyeon Yi (astronaut), Maurice Hall (in-line speed skater), Shevanthi Daniel (near death experience survivor) and Michael Grady (para-rower). The piece was installed at the IMAGINE Film Festival at Earthdance in MA the fall of 2017.


Watch an excerpt of Flew Like Clouds:


Watch a timelapse of the load-in for Flew Like Clouds

Download the app to watch the VR videos from Flew Like Clouds 


The Stranger, 2017:

The Overwhelming Artistry of KT Niehoff’s Before We Flew Like Birds We Flew Like Clouds

The Seattle Times, 2017:

KT Niehoff’s latest: Rich blend of human experience, high-tech virtuosity



Donors: Case Van Rij, Carlo Scandiuzzi, Michael Cozzi, Graham/Baba
Management: Stefanie Karlin of SQUID MGMT

Images by Haley Blavka, Nate Watters, Tim Summers