Tipping Point


Tipping Point was originally made as commission for Groundworks Dance Theater in Cleveland OH, which Niehoff later set on her own group of dancers with Lingo. It was a 20-minute work for five dancers. Each dancer occupied a single square of light. The physical material was floor bound and largely stationary and the vocabulary was repetitive; creating energy that rode the line between soothing and autistic. The dancers found moments of connection and disconnection using mathematical probability that created a cool, puzzle-like quality to juxtapose the frenetic, underlying hum of the movement.

Performance History
March 2006 (premiere): Groundworks Dance Theater, Cleveland OH
March 2006: Velocity Dance Center, Seattle WA
September 2009: Groundworks Dance Theater, Cleveland OH
March 2012: Texas Christian University, Fort Worth TX

Original Cast
Felise Bagley, Jennifer, Amy Miller, Mark Otloski, David Shimotakahara

Original Lingo Cast
Bianca Cabrera, Aiko Kinoshita, Ricki Mason, KT Niehoff, Janine Tiede

Sarah Murat (music), Julie Keenan (lighting)