Residue was Niehoff’s first evening length work. A multimedia performance including 16mm film, live music and dance, the piece shifted between the temporal and phenomenal realms that simultaneously exist within our world. Residue explored the idea of imprinting, and how residual emotions and past experiences impact us and the places we inhabit. The film used the dancers as its subject and the live performers and film performers interacted with one another on a set of sheer, white fabric that was hung curve-linearly throughout the stage.

“Justifiably, Residue brought the house to its feet.”
-Alice Kaderlan, Seattle P.I., April, ‘98

Performance History
June 1998 – Premiere – On the Boards – Seattle WA
Fall 1998 – King County Regional Tour – King County WA

On the Boards, King County Arts Commission, ,Seattle Arts Commission, the Ann Mueller Charitable Trust, Centrum, Allied Arts, Artist Trust, Jack Straw Foundation

Original Cast
Dancers: Pablo Cornejo, Brian Dawbin, George Lugg, Amii LeGendre, KT Niehoff, Shane Szabo

Bob Barraza, Robert Hinrix, Paul Hoskin, Gina Sala

Bob Barraza – music, John Burgess – film, Kirby Kallas-Lewis – scene design, Lisa DeFrance – costumes