Attracted to Accidents

Premiere: 1999, Seattle

Attracted to Accidents was the second collaboration between choreographer KT Niehoff and composer Bob Barraza. The 25-minute piece explored the human fascination for danger.

“Attracted to Accidents was the thrill of the evening, showing this talented choreographer continuing to make new and exciting work… the piece works and it’s no accident.”
– Mary Murfin Bayley for the Seattle Times, April 2, 1999

Performance History:
September 1999 – Premier – Bumbershoot – Seattle WA
October 1999 – Kent Arts Series – Kent WA
October 1999 – Romp Festival – Victoria BC
January 2000 – Bagnolet Festival West Coast – Los Angeles CA
February 2000 – Tori Hall – Osaka Japan
February 2000 – Alti Buyoh Festival – Kyoto Japan
April 2000 – Centrum Arts Festival – Port Townsend WA
May 2000 – Alas de la Danza – Quito Ecuador
February 2001 – Pantages Theater – Tacoma WA
August 2002 – Jacob’s Pillow Inside/Out – Lee MA

Meet the Composer’s Composer/Choreographer Project, Centrum, King County Arts Commission

Original Cast Members: Pablo Cornejo, Rob Kitsos, KT Niehoff, Shane Szabo, Michelle de la Vega

Secondary Cast: Pablo Cornejo, Scott Davis, Dustin Haug, KT Niehoff, Janine Tiede

Collaborators: Bob Barraza – music, Etta Lillienthal – scene design