Paper Trail

Premiere: June 2012, Seattle

Built for a maximum audience of 15, the intimately scaled Paper Trail premiered on the Mainstage at On the Boards as part of the 2012 NW New Works Festival. The performance doted on the romance of the hand written letter and unfolded in the mainstage seats as small audiences cycled in and paired off with each performer.

At the end of the NW New Works festival, the cast selected a handful of folks who witnessed Paper Trail to be our pen pals for the duration of Collision Theory.

View the Paper Trail letters on the Paper Trail Tumblr page.

COLLISION THEORY was a 16-month performance project. During the project’s extended duration, Lingo invited audiences ranging from one to many to a series of interconnected Immersions – dinners, films, letters, fashion shows, visual art, music and dance. COLLISION THEORY punctuated with a Finale in April 2013 as a part of On the Boards’ season.