KT is an artist whose focus is the complex relationship between bodies and space.


She creates multi-sensory, multi-dimensional, immersive performance environments, with highly crafted audience participation. These experiences both integrate and transcend choreography, music, design, film and technology, narrative and audience/artist proximity.

Current News

Frame By Frame at Strictly Seattle 2018

In Frame By Frame, part of  Velocity Dance Center’s Strictly Seattle intensive, KT Niehoff leads filmmakers of any level through the process of creating their own short dance film. Participants work with KT and a professional cinematographer, composer, and editor to learn the necessary elements of creating a film – sound and choreographic elements, storyboarding, […]

Flew Like Clouds Virtual Reality Films

Virtual Reality Video was a major component of KT’s most recent immersive performance, Before We Flew Like Birds, We Flew Like Clouds. The show was based on four individuals with extraordinary relationships to their bodies–Soyeon Yi (astronaut), Maurice Hall (in-line speed skater), Shevanthi Daniel (near death experience survivor) and Michael Grady (para-rower). The expanded videos […]