Reinvent Your Eye

Reinvent Your Eye uses improvisational scores to examine the components associated with creating non-linear, non-narrative performance art, across disciplines. Interactive scores are designed to dissect elements such as production design, formation, movement,  space/architecture, time/timing, identification of an idea and development, risk and wild card. Participants focus on defining each element’s parameters and universal properties, as well as individual likes dislikes and aesthetics. Over time the elements combine in multiple configurations, allowing the work to develop in complexity and possibility. Because the class uses improvisational scores as the exploration device, the group also focuses on working effectively with an ensemble, maximizing opportunities for intelligent, in the moment decision-making, or spontaneous composition.

I give thanks to the visionary minds and work of Katie Duck, Nina Martin and Wendel Beavers, whom I have had the great fortune of studying with and who have deeply influenced my own working process. I also thank the multiple groups of disparate artists who have helped me develop this material in Seattle, as well as residencies at MANCC in Tallahassee, FL, Oberlin College in Ohio, Estudio 3 in Madrid, the SNDO in Amsterdam and the University of Washington.