Physical Practice: The Good Body

The heart of this class is a holistic organization of the dancer as a body, human and artist. The intellectual goal is to cultivate smart, open minded, unique artists capable of engaging in artistic dialogue. The physical goal is to foster complete freedom of expression, awareness/safety and an innate understanding of one’s own body.

Passive Sequencing promotes joint range of motion, Partner Work reinforces the advantages of rebounding in relation to gravity, and concepts of directional energy relate to how tension, counter tension, momentum and torque can be used to their fullest advantage. We practice the fine balance of having an inner dialogue with the biology while simultaneously maintaining an external awareness and work to contextualize the political, personal and artistic meaning behind why we move, in order to find a deeper resonance when we move.

“When teaching on-going technique classes my goal is to create an atmosphere that allows for personal practice in a community context. Class is a simple, on-going way of cultivating and harnessing collective strength. I have been teaching advanced physical practice for over 20 years, and it continues to be a source of  inspiration and spirituality.”