A Glimmer of Hope or Skin or Light: Photography

Premiere: April 2010, Seattle

In 2006, KT began investigating the relationship between audience, artist and proximity. This search led her to seek out environments that ask the performer and the witness to confront each other in more potent ways. A Glimmer of Hope or Skin or Light, in all its forms, is an outcropping of this search.

Niehoff and her expanded posse of vibrant performers (including live music from the Seattle band Ivory in Ice World, original score by Scott Colburn and light by Evan Ritter) begin with the premise that every interaction holds untapped potential, then sculpt uncommon encounters, moody collisions, raucous spectacle and virtuoso dancing – asking for more resonant connection and embracing the success or failure that ensues.

Kevin Kauer captured the images of GLIMMER’s cast, costumes and set in ACT’S Bullitt Cabaret. In 2015 Glimmer was remounted as a part of ACT Theatre’s 50th Anniversary. New images were captured by Nate Watters.