Eat The Apple

“It’s like an escape into a mysterious, forested dreamworld – quite unlike anything you’ve ever seen or imagined.” – Blackbook

KT Niehoff and Ivory Smith present Eat the Apple

Bringing together their notable and provocative history with multi-dimensional performance work, Eat the Apple’s KT Niehoff and Ivory Smith, debut their first album

A Glimmer of Hope or Skin or Light, The Soundtrack

Watch the surreal new “Houdini” music video

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KT Niehoff and Ivory Smith (AKA) Eat the Apple

KT and Ivory began collaborating in 2010. They each have a long history creating multi-dimensional experimental performance work, and share a love for both the bizarre and traditional. Their sound draws on their diverse history.
A Glimmer of Hope or Skin or Light is a glam-rock musical created by veteran choreographer/director KT Niehoff. Commissioned by Seattle’s ACT Theatre, the event was performed to sold-out houses in 2010 and again in 2015. This soundtrack emerged out of those haunted and humidly elegant performances.