Dance Film, Frame by Frame

This three-week workshop takes the dance filmmaker through every step of the process as they create their own short dance film.

Participants will learn the necessary preparatory elements of creating a film – sound and choreographic elements, storyboarding, location scouting, styling, and rehearsing material through the perspective of the camera’s lens. Each student will then have the opportunity to shoot their film with a professional cinematographer, learning on-set vernacular and how to effectively convey their directorial vision to their cameraperson. In the final stages, students will learn basic editing skills, with a professional editor and composer available as mentors.

KT’s interest in dance film began in 2008. Since then she has had the privilege of learning from filmmakers Thierry De Mey, Victoria Marks and Alla Kovgan as well as working with cinematographers Ben Kasulke, Christian Hansen, Sebastien Scandiuzzi and Linus Phillips. To date she has created four short films and her work has been screened at the American Dance Festival, NEXT Dance Film Festival, Dance for Reel at Emory University, Green Valley State University and the San Francisco Dance Film Festival.

Watch KT’s dance films: Parts Don’t Work / Rain Beats Down / Sad City

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Sebastian Scanduzzi brings nearly 20 years of commercial and film production experience to Pressing Pictures as a producer, director and cinematographer. Sebastien’s work as Director of Photography can be seen in award winning films such as: SPIN – a short psychological thriller, SAD CITY, RAIN BEATS DOWN, THE 14/48 PROJECTS, BENEATH OUR OWN IMMENSITY, and many more. Sebastien is a regular contributor to ARTZone featured on KCTS 9, Fretboard Films, and SIFF TV.

Watch Sebastian’s Reel